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Collage Essentials

Learn about the collage tools and supplies you will need to get started making collage art today! 




Art Lessons

Needing creative inspiration? Check out these collage resources: FREE Mini-Course, Art Tutorial Book, and E-courses! 



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 Getting Started

Learn the basics of collage and its tools. 

Getting Started: Your Workspace, Supplies, and Project Prep

Within this sample module are 6 mini-lessons.

  • Materials & Workspace
  • Magazines & Glue
  • Reference Photo & Canvas
  • 3 tutorials on how to create a reference photo for your art projects.

I hope these tools and lessons inspire you!

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All About Collage Glue

Need glue tips? Download my Free Collage Glue Guide.

Learn more about the glues, tools, and varnishes I use to create my collage art.

  • Collage Glue Types
  • Glue Tools
  • Varnishes For Finished Artwork

Save time and money with this helpful guide.

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Collage Supply List

Download my curated collage supply list.

  • Gridding tools
  • Glue Brands
  • Cutting tools
  • Canvas types

Browse and shop for the tools I use to create my collage artwork. 

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 Collage Art Lessons

Level up your collage-making skills with lessons created by Sam. 

Coloring With Collage

3 mini lessons include:

  • Shape Collage Project
  • Color Wheel Project
  • Coloring Collage Project
  • BONUS: Glazing Your Finished Project

Let me know how it goes!

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Paper Collage Workshop

A Fine Artists Guide To Creative Collage

Experience the joy of creativity as you use color swatches torn from magazines to transform photos into original collages.

In addition to taking you through both foundational collage activities and intermediate-level projects, this book introduces you to a unique analog-grid system, a color-based collage technique developed by the artist Samuel Price over the past 20 years.


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The Grid Collage Method E-Course

The first art course of its kind designed for all skill levels.

By merging the grid method with collage you will learn a beautiful and unique lifelong creative skill.
What's Included?


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What's included:

  • 1 hour of live instruction! 
  • Gridded Reference Image
  • Supply List

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A Membership For Artists, Makers & Creatives

What's included:

  • A Monthly Curated Collage Lesson
  • 1 Monthly Live Q&A
  • Collage Resource Vault

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A 10-Week Live Online Course

What's Include:

  • A custom collage art kit shipped to you.
  • Weekly 1.5-hour live class via Zoom, replays will be available for those who miss it.
  • Collage Masterclass private community.
  • Sam's Latest Book
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Hello,I am Sam.


I'm a San Francisco-based artist specializing in collage pet portraits. I teach my unique collage grid method to students all over the world.

Creativity is my specialty. I believe in the power of art and it is my mission in life to spread it across the globe.