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With Paper Collage Workshop, you can experience the joy of creativity as you use color swatches torn from magazines to transform photos into original collages.

In addition to taking you through both foundational collage activities and intermediate-level projects, this book introduces you to 
a unique analog-grid system, a color-based collage technique developed by the artist Samuel Price over the past 20 years. Whatever your age or skill level, you will be able to add focus and precision to your creations and turn life into art.

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About The Artist

My students learn to see the world in a new way, using tools and techniques I’ve pioneered over the years to create personal, expressive works of art from almost nothing. Both aspiring and accomplished artists will be able to experience the joy of creativity as they use color swatches to transform photos into original, lifelike mixed-media collages.

For more than 20 years I have been curating and developing a specialized technique that combines classical collage processes with my own unique analog-grid system. This method has helped develop scale and precision in my portraits without the need for highly technical drawing or drafting skills.
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I’m a professional artist and educator specializing in creating colorful collage artworks that free the mind and inspire a spirit of inventiveness.

In my latest art course, The Grid Collage Method, I will guide you step-by-step in creating a one of kind portrait of your beloved animal. You will be supplied with a thoughtful materials shopping list and all the instructions you will need to complete your project.


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My Students Artwork And What They Have To Say

 "Your art class and teaching style really clicked for me.  I loved trying collage and had not had much experience with it before. I was drawn to your colorful style and to the free flowing attitude you express through your words and tone. I think that the tactile quality of collage - getting my hands into the mess of it - really felt good too! I really like how you share a bit of your own story with your students - and how you are so encouraging of other people’s art exploration." -Mary    


"It’s been a HUGE life-changing leap to learn the grid collage method. As soon as the eyes were finished, I had complete faith that I’d finish the project and do it well!"



"I so much enjoyed your class! It was a much needed break from the angst of these troubled times. Thank you for all your encouragement.”



"I finally finished it!  My daughter was a big help and we both really enjoyed the class."


Learn The Grid Collage Method


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