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The Color Collage Workbook is made for both aspiring and accomplished artists who will be able to experience the joy of creativity as they use color swatches to transform photos into original, lifelike mixed-media collages.
This book has 22 well-organized art lessons that will help you grow your creative skills in a helpful, fun, systematic way.  Organized by both technique and subject, the book is designed to progressively build skills as readers complete projects. Beginning with color-based lessons, readers will learn how to use form and line and then move on to create landscapes, abstracts, and animal and human portraits.


The Grid Collage Method

The first art course of its kind created by a professional artist designed for all skill levels. By merging the grid method with collage you will learn a beautiful and unique lifelong creative skill.

What's Included?

  • Instant Access To Art Instruction
  • Learn The Grid System Method 
  • Videos and Comprehensive Resources
  • Supply List For Both Online and/or Local Shopping
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Lifetime Access To The Online Course
  • Real-World Tips & Tricks To Ensure Success
  • Project-Based Course: A Completed Piece Of Art  
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Module 1-Getting Started: Your Workspace, Supplies And Project Prep



A course module inside Sam's E-Course, Collage Your Pet. Within this sample module are 6 mini lessons going over:

  • Materials & Workspace
  • Magazines & Glue
  • Reference Photo & Canvas

+ 3 tutorials on how to create a reference photo for your art projects

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