Collage Pet Portrait Masterclass

Live online. 

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Immerse yourself in this 6-week masterclass

....by following along with Sam's tried and true grid collage method. Each week you will work alongside Sam, cutting and pasting square by square in completing your own pet portrait. By committing to 1 hour of weekly art instruction, you will start and finish your own pet portrait.



Invest in yourself 

....and join us for an exclusive, limited-time offer where you will learn from Sam's expert artistic guidance in real time with weekly training. All live videos will be available for viewing for those who can't attend the live classes.



A custom collage art kit 

....will be shipped to you prior to the first day of class. You will be supported and encouraged with the right set of tools and guidance you need to creatively succeed in your art-making journey.

 Enrollment is NOW OPEN!
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Online: Live Zoom from Sam's Art Studio

Date: March 17th - April 28th, 2024

Time: Sundays,  at either: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM & 2:00-3:00 PM (PST)


❖ Class 1 - Getting Started / The Grid Method / Anchor Points / Workflow

Class 2 - The Eyes

❖ Class 3 - Middle Stage Buildout / Texture / Fading

❖ Class 4 - Ears / Mouth / Fill-In / Making Changes

❖ Class 5 - The Background / Detailing

❖ Class 6 - Art Critique and Q & A Session / The Final Glaze 


Thinking about expanding your collage-making skills but not sure where to start? 

We've been there too.

Maybe you're struggling with:

  • Prioritizing your time to allow for more creativity and art-making. 
  • Feeling frustrated when you do put a bunch of effort into learning a new art practice only for it to fall flat and uninspired.
  • Finding or rediscovering your artistic flow.  

Now, imagine if every week, for a few hours, you show up for yourself in a consistent way

Finding your focus is the first step in the creative process. Each weekly lesson will boost your capacity and bandwidth in your art practice. With Sam's guided method, you will simply need to focus on process over outcome.  

Understanding and working through the creative process will help you achieve artistic growth. Sam will not only serve as your teacher but also as your mentor and coach. 

Building your creative confidence through an intentional focused plan will prevent overwhelm and burnout. Each class will bring your vision to life piece by piece. Collage is a very forgiving medium and you will find the freedom to express your unique point of view.


That's what this Masterclass is all about.


Discovering The Benefits of Joining the Collage Pet Portrait Masterclass! Here's what's in store for you:

A Custom Collage Art Kit:
  • Valued at $200! 
  • Includes all the essentials: your own gridded and enlarged reference image, glue, cutting tools, fine art paper pack, a magazine from Sam's personal collection, cutting mat, glue tray, gloves, and T-ruler.
  • Note: Currently available for US students only.
Weekly Live Zoom Classes:
  • Dive deep into the art of collage with live instruction tailored to support your learning.
  • Gain access to class recordings for future reference.
Sam's Latest Book: Paper Collage Workshop:
  • Included in your collage art kit to spark your creativity and inspire your journey.
Community Connection:
  • Engage with like-minded individuals passionate about collage-making.
  • Join our Collage Masterclass Community on Facebook for ongoing support and learning opportunities.
Live Art Critiques:
  • Gain valuable insights and perspectives on your work during optional live critique sessions.
1:1 Coaching Sessions with Sam:
  • Receive personalized guidance and support with two coaching sessions scheduled between Classes 1-3 and Classes 4-6.

BONUS: 6 Months Free Paper Collage Workshop Membership

SEE THE Syllabus →

6 Week Syllabus

Class 1- 3/17/24

❖ Getting Started / The Grid Method / Anchor Points / Workflow

Class 2- 3/24/24

❖ The Eyes

Class 3- 4/07/24

❖ Middle Stage Buildout / Texture / Fading

Class 4- 4/14/24

❖ Ears / Mouth / Fill-In / Making Changes

Class 5- 4/21/24

❖ The Background / Detailing

Class 6- 4/28/24

❖ Art Critique and Q & A Session / The Final Glaze 

Where is the Event Held?

Live Streaming from Sam's San Francisco Art Studio

You will work alongside Sam from the comfort of your home. This offers students an opportunity to attend from all over the world! 

What to expect after you register for Collage Pet Portrait Masterclass?

1. Confirmation

You will receive an email confirming your registration.

2. Your Custom Collage Kit

You will receive a link to a registration form to include your shipping address and how to submit a pet photograph you want to use for your project. Your collage kit will be shipped to you prior to the first day of class. 

3. Private Facebook Group

You will gain access to our Masterclass private facebook group.

4. Zoom

You will receive weekly zoom links via email to all scheduled classes. You will be able to upload the class schedule to your calendar as well. Each class will be recorded and accessible online for viewing if you miss the class. Access to all zoom replays will expire 30 days after the last day of class.


Lastly, you will feel excited to be taking the artistic leap to learn a wonderful lifelong skill!

About the Artist

Hey, I'm Sam Price, Author, Teacher and a Full-time Working Artist

For the last decade, I've helped artists cultivate their creative skills. Through my guided methods, collage becomes a powerful gateway towards new modes of expression. I have witnessed beautiful results from my students, celebrated their victories and supported them in their transformative growth. 


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