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A Step-By-Step Guided E-Course.

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A Step-By-Step Guided E-Course.

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Key Takeaways:

Overcome Creative Blocks

Become inspired by Sam's thoughtfully curated art lessons, experiment with new techniques, and narrow down your focus.

Time Constraints 

Begin prioritizing your creativity by utilizing Sam's mentorship. 


Sam's creative guidance and collaborative student community offer opportunities to tap into new ideas and approaches. Find that spark!

Mindset & Reframing

Cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Evolve in your creative work by prioritizing the process over the outcome.

Skills You'll Gain:


Collage Principals
Color Theory
Collage Process
The Grid Method
Growth Mindset
Transfer Learning

4 hours of Instruction!

Learn and create at your own pace.

Student Portal

Videos, tools and resources will be hosted in the student member portal.

All Skill Levels

This course is designed to be valuable for all levels of artistry.

Here's what you'll get from purchasing Sam's Collage Your Pet E-course...

  • Instant access to art instruction through your member portal where you can learn at your own pace.
  • 9 Video Modules designed to support your learning process with in-depth instruction. 
  • Videos and Comprehensive Resources which include a shoppable supply list and an extensive "Getting Started" module.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • Bonus Module: Tips & Tricks
  • A Collage Community will also be hosted within a private Facebook group which will allow further support and learning opportunities.  
  • Project-Based Course: you will be able to complete your own pet portrait.  


9 Module Course

Lesson 1

❖ The Prep:

  • Materials & Workspace
  • Magazines & Glue
  • Reference Photo & Canvas

Lesson 2

❖ Anchoring

Lesson 3

❖ The Eyes

Lesson 4

❖ The Background

Lesson 5

❖ Your Flow

Lesson 6

❖ Detailing & Micro adjustments 

Lesson 7

❖ Final Glaze

Lesson 8

❖ Final Takeaways

Tips & Tricks, with 10 mini-lessons. 

Thinking about expanding your collage-making skills but not sure where to start? 

We've been there too.

Maybe you're struggling with:

  • Prioritizing your time to allow for more creativity and art-making. 
  • Feeling frustrated when you do put a bunch of effort into learning a new art practice only for it to fall flat and uninspired.
  • Finding or rediscovering your artistic flow.  

Now, imagine if every week, for a few hours, you show up for yourself in a consistent way

Finding your focus is the first step in the creative process. Each lesson will boost your capacity and bandwidth in your art practice. With Sam's guided method, you will simply need to focus on process over outcome.  

Understanding and working through the creative process will help you achieve artistic growth. Sam will not only serve as your teacher but also as your mentor and coach. 

Building your creative confidence through an intentional focused plan will prevent overwhelm and burnout. Each class will bring your vision to life piece by piece. Collage is a very forgiving medium and you will find the freedom to express your unique point of view.


That's what this Course is all about.


About the Artist

Hey, I'm Sam Price, Author, Teacher and a Full-time Working Artist

For the last decade, I've helped artists cultivate their creative skills. Through my guided methods, collage becomes a powerful gateway towards new modes of expression. I have witnessed beautiful results from my students, celebrated their victories and supported them in their transformative growth. 


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Your Pet Course

What's Included:

  • Instant Access To Art Instruction
  • Learn The Grid System Method
  • Videos and Comprehensive Resources
  • Supply List For Both Online and/or Local Shopping
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Lifetime Access To The Online Course
  • Real-World Tips & Tricks To Ensure Success
  • Project-Based Course: A Completed Piece Of Art
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